2018 Festival Lineup


Monday, 8/6
6:30pm: NYC Veteran's Alliance - Community Showcase (free) - RSVP
8pm: Ophira Eisenberg, Negin Farsad, Leah Bonnema, "Average Women with Average Rage" - Tickets
9:30pm: Calvin Cato, "Calvin Cato has Daddy Issues" - Tickets

7pm: Drae Campbell, "Tell, A Queer Storytelling Show" - Tickets
9pm: Nina Mozes, "I'm Just Fine" - Tickets

Tuesday, 8/7
6:30pm: Our Stories Are Our Legacy - Community Showcase
8pm: WNYC's Nancy Podcast live show - Tickets
9:30pm: Matthew Dicks, "Faith No More" - Tickets

7pm: Sammie James, "It's Nice to Feel Wanted" - Tickets
9pm: Kerry Coddett - Tickets

Wednesday, 8/8
6:30pm: No One Left Behind - Community Showcase (free) - RSVP
8pm: Chelsea Davison, "Late Night Talkers" - Tickets
9:30pm: Andrew Collin, "You Got Left" - Tickets

7pm: Ann Talman, "Woody's Order" - Tickets
9pm: Tarik Daniels - Tickets

Thursday, 8/9
6:30pm: Center for Popular Democracy - Community Showcase (free) - RSVP
8pm: TBD
9:30pm: Shalewa Sharpe, "Don't Reach In The Bag" - Tickets

7pm: Jackie Peters - Tickets
9pm: Lindsay Hoffman & Courtney Antonioli, "Selfish Justice" - Tickets

Friday, 8/10
6:30pm: GenEquality - Community Showcase - RSVP
8pm: Josh Johnson, "I'm Choking (and other excuses to leave a party)" - Tickets
9:30pm: Anita Flores, "College Sucks" - Tickets

7pm: Angel Ling, "From Setting the Dinner Table to Setting the Political Agenda" - Tickets

Saturday, 8/11
12pm: Stage the Change - Tickets
2pm: Jude Treder-Wolff*, "Mashup: Stories in Songs" - Tickets
4pm: Emily Reese, "Lil' Mama" - Tickets
6pm: Women of Color for Progress - Community Showcase (free) - RSVP
8pm: Sydnee Washington, "Death of a Bottle Girl" - Tickets
10pm: Bobby Hankinson*, "Kweendom" - Tickets

1pm: Melanee Murray-Hunt, "The Hoodwink" - Tickets
3pm: Colleen Hindsley, "That's Not How it Happened" - Tickets
5pm: Christina Blacken - Tickets
7pm: Vanessa Valerio*, "Singleling" - Tickets
9pm: Becca Beberaggi*, "You Roar, I Roar" - Tickets

Sunday, 8/12
12pm: Town of Islip Anti-bias Ambassadors - Tickets
2pm: Nelson Lugo - Tickets
4pm: Robin Bady*, "No!  We Won't Shut Up!" - Tickets
6pm: Thomas Conroy, "Dean's Choice" - Tickets
8pm: Gianmarco Soresi*, "Serpent's Tooth" - Tickets

1pm: Maeve Press - Tickets
3pm: The Sylvia Rivera Law Project - Community Showcase - RSVP
5pm: Nisse Greenberg* - Tickets
7pm: Tracey Segerra*, "Now You're Talking! Presents The Baby Boom Meets #MeToo – A Reckoning" - Tickets

*curated show