In the interest of full financial transparency and to promote transparency in performances:

  • Every performer will receive a $50 stipend for their set, hosts will receive $60

  • The crew helping put together the festival will also be paid

  • Everyone will be paid no matter what, any loses incurred will still be paid out by the Lead Producer

Supporting artists, both in providing space for them to perform but also financially is a core value of this festival.

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 Friday, 10/11 7pm at Caveat

Featuring: Calvin Cato, Negin Farsad, Chris Calogero, Paula Croxson, Elna Baker, Lilly Dancyger& more!

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Saturday, 10/12 4pm at Caveat

Speak Up, Rise Up Presents: 80 Minutes Around the World w/Nestor Gomez

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Saturday, 10/12 7pm at Caveat

Featuring: Joanna Briley, George Civeris, Robin Gelfenbien, Gibran Saleem, Bobby Hankinson, & more!

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Sunday, 10/13 4pm at Caveat

Featuring: Julia Whitehouse, Susan Kent, Danusia Garrison, Sandi Marx, Paul Peglar, & more!

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Friday, 10/18 7:30pm at QED

Speak Up, Rise Up Presents: Story Collider

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Saturday, 10/19 9:30pm at QED

Featuring: Carolyn Castiglia, Sam Morrison, Vicki Eastus, Claire Burns, & more!

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Saturday, 10/19 11pm at QED

Featuring: Becca Beberaggi, Nelson Lugo, Julie Ann Korpi, Christine Magee, Bryan Berlin, & more!

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Sunday, 10/20 5pm at QED

Featuring: Sammie James, Tracey Starin, Vara Cooper, Edith Gonzalez, & more!

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Sunday, 10/20 7pm at QED

Featuring: Anna Roisman, Michele Carlo, Adrien Behn, Ronna Levy, Jackson Fisher, Aparna Nancherla, & more!

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Saturday, 10/26 8pm at Murmrr

Featuring: Ophira Eisenberg, Gastor Almonte, Anita Flores, Josh Gondleman, Josh Johnson, Vicky Kupperman, Christina Blacken, Karen Chee, Alison Payne, Jess Salomon, & more!

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