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Media Partners

Millennial Politics

Millennial Politics is a newly formed media and activism group focused on signal boosting and activating next generation political organizations, activists, and leaders. Through our weekly newsletters, web and social content, and soon-to-be-released podcast, we hope to inspire millennials to take an active role in shaping our democracy. 

If you want to learn more, please visit join.millennialpolitics.co or look us up @MillenPolitics on social media.

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What makes you DIFFERENT is what makes you FUNNY. What makes you FUNNY is what makes you STRONG.

“Parents say, ‘But that thing that makes you unique is what I love about you!’ Girls don’t believe them because they’re like, that’s what parents do. So the more mentors girls have who say it, the better. Because then girls think, ‘OK, it’s not just my mom telling me to ‘be myself.’” — Laurie Wolk, girls’ leadership coach


  • boosts confidence and resilience.
  • unleashes your authentic YOU.
  • teaches you to write with precision and insight.
  • puts YOU in charge of your story.
  • lowers stress.
  • brings joy.
  • needs YOU.
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Civic Hall, a one-of-a-kind non-profit collaboration center for the world’s civic innovators. We are a community space where social entrepreneurs, change-makers, government employees, hackers, academics, journalists, and artists can share knowledge, build tools, and solve problems together. 


2017 Founding Sponsors


I Am An Immigrant




We Get Depressed

We Get Depressed is an effort to prove to one another that we are not alone in our depression. What started as a simple t-shirt idea has grown into a supportive community, uniting likeminded people across the globe. Because keeping depression a secret is exhausting. Owning it is liberating. If you like this idea and want to join us as we give the stigma a giant middle finger, please go to www.wegetdepressed.com, and get your shirt! #WeGetDepressed

Lagunitas Brewing Company

2017 Media Partners


Civic Hall: What We Do Now Series

The What We Do Now series connects the Civic Hall and Personal Democracy Forum [PDF] communities around the most urgent issues facing civically engaged organizations and individuals.

This event series in partnership with, Civic Hall will continue to foster cross-sector collaboration to leverage the use of technology for the public good.

Action Group Network

Founded in November 2016, Action Group Network (AGN) works to engage, train, and support leaders from grassroots groups across the country, with the support of an experienced team of trainers and coaches. We strive to increase communication and collaboration between new and seasoned activists, local and national groups, and progressive organizers across a range of issues, through resources, training, and live events.