Performance Submissions

Submissions for our 2019 festival are now open!  All are welcome to submit and apply for a slot.  Each performance will get a 60 minute timeslot, curated by our Board of Directors.  

We are changing up the format of the festival this year, so please read through before submitting

Each show will have a component of community participant telling their story. Most shows will be curated shows around various themes (that you can submit!) with some performers and some community members. So imagine a 60 minute show with a host, 3 performers, and 3 community members. Or some combination thereof. So when you’re applying, please read through if you want to: 1) be available as a potential host, 2) curate and shape a themed show with the help of our team, or 3) just be put into the mix of performers to be slot in to various shows.

We will also take submissions for solo shows, but there will need to be some integration of community stories as well. And to be honest, will lean towards more curated shows with more community voices — but do not want to totally discourage solo show submissions.

All performers, from any walk of life and all ideas are encouraged to apply.  Performers and submissions with an emphasis on diversity and highlighting voices from normally under-represented communities will take preference.

There is also no age limit to performing! Please be sure to invite your younger friends, high school friends, and anyone else who wants to share their story. 

We will work to fit in as many submissions as possible, however a submission does not guarantee a performance slot.  We will follow up with a formal acceptance in the coming weeks.  

** Dealing Extended! **

Deadline to submit is August 24th, 2019

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If your show idea has other guests, do you have a rough idea of who you'd want?
If not, please let us know where you're coming in from.
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