Performance Submissions

Submissions for our 2018 festival!  All are welcome to submit and apply for a slot.  Each performer will get a 60 minute timeslot, curated by our Board of Directors.  

All performers, from any walk of life and all ideas are encouraged.  Performers and submissions with an emphasis on diversity and highlighting voices from normally under-represented communities will take preference.  

We also look for those who will push their own artistic voices theatrically.  We are elevating the norm of storytelling and performance - you're no longer in a basement or back of a bar, you have a full stage and theatrical crew, take advantage!  

Name *
Type of show (check all that apply)
What's it about? What's the full experience you want us to have? If you don't have it all figured out, that's totally fine! Tell us what you want it to be.
How do you plan to utilize the theatrical space? Use of sound/music, projection, lighting, etc. There are always limitations to our space, but be creative about how you want to make your show come alive.
If so, please note where/when
If your show idea has other guests, do you have a rough idea of who you'd want?
If not, please let us know where you're coming in from.
Which days are you available?